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    Housing Component

    Housing Component

    IN CNC & VMC Products, Precision Component
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    January 1, 1970
    About Project

    Housing Component manufactured by Sawhney Engineering Co.

    Housing Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

    We, Sawhney Engineering Co. are the top housing component manufacturer in Ghaziabad, India. In the era of competition, where ready made tools are available everywhere, we have carved out our niche in the engineering world. We do have a simple process to manufacture products. The one thing that distinguishes us from others is paying attention to detail, the ability to understand complex structures and simplifying the manufacturing process. We undertake custom engineering jobs and deliver best quality, thermally stable housing components for improved efficiency and results.

    What is a housing Component?

    A housing is designed to serve as an outer shell and to protect the important machine parts inside.  With a custom engineered housing case, it provides prevents exposure of internal parts to external environment.

    Benefit of Using Precision Housing Component

    Accuracy: First and foremost, benefit of Precision tooling is higher accuracy. With latest development in technology pertaining to designing by using Computer aided design and Computer aided manufacturing by using CNC machines, we now have the ability to create products with micron level perfection.

    Increased Production: With the use of precision tooling techniques and machines, the production output increases as the machines carry out the same task repeatedly without slowing. Hence, with minimum human intervention, the output stays right on top. Increased production also means better products in terms of quality.

    Saves Time: Most of the work is done in a controlled environment using precision components to make more of them. This enables production in lesser time when compared to manually controlled work environment.

    Low Production Cost: Products made in lesser time and lower wastages directly results in lower cost of production. The cost of manpower, overheads comes down. Precision components is the way forward.

    Reduced Waste Material: Precision components fine tune the material to the limit of exact requirement. Take for example a computer operated filing machine, it will only scrap the material not required and leave the remaining part as it is. Hence, lesser wastage.

    Increased Durability: Precision component manufacturers not only engineer a dimension-perfect product. They are made with A+ grade raw material and latest technology resulting in increased durability of the product.