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    Precision Component

    Precision Component

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    January 1, 1970
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    Precision component made by Sawhney Engineering Co.

    Precision Component Manufacturer in Ghaziabad

    Sawhney Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is leading the way as one of the most skilled Precision Component Manufacturer in Ghaziabad. Not only in the Delhi-NCR region, we have been engineering top quality products to all over the world. We are an ISO certified company with accolades from top auto makers in India is an exemplary example of a company which can be associated with the term quality in the same breath. Mechanical engineering is all about numbers. The quality of a product is determined by matching the specifications in the design and forging them perfectly without any inconsistencies in the product design.

    An important thing that we need to understand is how to make these. Not only design part is important there are many other things that are to be considered to ensure that the precision component made for a special purpose stand against the test of time. For that, it is important to know the art of precision component making. Precision components are different from each other. They have a special purpose and are made to order. The design will be different, the alloys used to make the component will be different and the temperature at which the products will be shaped are also different.

    For example: A screw made for a tooth will be made from different material than a screw made for space shuttles. Having said that, they all will need knowledge of the process, and this is where you will need a precision component manufacturer who is reliable and has experience to execute the job perfectly. Our main products are Spindles, Precision Components, Gauges, Spindles, shafts and Fixtures. In case you are looking for a Precision Component Manufacturer in India, look no further than We are 100% certain that you won’t look anywhere else once you speak to us.